10 Things to Remove from Your Resume| 2023 Resume Guide

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In 2023, there are certain things that should be removed from a resume to make it stand out.

1. Career Objective

The Career Objective section at the beginning should be removed as it focuses on the candidates’ goals and what they are seeking for rather than their qualifications and skills. Your resume should focus on what makes you the best candidate for the role you are applying for.

2. Personal Information

Personal information, such as home address, date of birth, marital status and ID number, should also be left off the resume.

3. Photograph

A photo should only be included if it is required for the job, as recruiters may have biases and focus on appearance rather than your actual skills for that position.

4. Additional Documents

Additional documents, such as certificates, should not be combined with the resume and should be sent as separate files if requested.

5. Buzzwords

Buzzwords/overused words such as “hard-working” and “motivated” should be avoided as they have lost their impact overtime and do not make a candidate stand out.

6. Graphics

Graphics, such as logos and charts, may not be readable by Automated Tracking Systems (ATS) and should be left off when you are applying online.

7. Unnecessary Fluff

It should not have unnecessary fluff such as cover page and title “curriculum vitae”. It should be straight to the point showing the recruiter in a few seconds that it is worth their time to read more.

8. Long paragraphs

Your resume should be structured in a clear and readable way with short paragraphs. Intro should be 2-3 sentences and responsibilities should be in bullet points.

9. Your life story

Your life story should not be included in your resume. It should not include every single detail rather it should be straight to the point clearly articulating your unique value proposition.

10. Current employer email address

Your current employer’s email address should not be used in the resume. It makes your resume highly unprofessional and makes the recruiter think that you apply for jobs during your current company’s time.


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